Week 3 Update!

Welcome to Week 3 of the GATE Summer Academy!  You can see Assignment #3 on the Ancient Greeks posted to the left along with the Research Website hub.  This website will link you to other websites, so you might be exploring all over the web to gather information!  IXL Priorities for the rest of the summer are just to explore the skills of your upcoming grade level – any that you like, and to log regular time – as regular and as much as you can!  Also, get going on the Sense-Lang typing.  The faster you are in the fall, the more work you will get done, and so the more opportunities for enrichment of your choice you will have!  Be on the lookout for an email update with more information on your zoho email!


IXL and Biography Reports

IXL Priorities for Mr. Clarken’s Class have been updated, but remember that you can explore IXL and work on any skills you like!  You can review last year’s grade level, work on next year’s grade level, or even advance farther if you like!  Also, our second project is a biography of your choice.  Choose from the website linked.  See the links to the left for details!

Summer Updates!

Check out the Updated Summer2010 Page with Mr. Clarken’s Sense-Lang assignments, IXL Summer Stars, and more.  Also, look for emails about your Solar System projects, and if your parents did not receive our big summer email last week, please have them check their JunkMail Box!  With all of the online activity, don’t forget to do the two most important summer activities – get outside, and kick back and read a good book!

Taming of the Shrew Posted!

Our abridgment of The Taming of the Shrew is up and running here on our Shakespeare Page!  Check it out!

Alex H Eats Pizza!

Alex – Way to go getting on IXL this week from home.  Get written permission to join us going to Pizza Plaza for lunch tomorrow, and you’re IN!  AWESOME!

Math 24 Winners Announced

Way to go, Kaylani and Mark for winning the C3/C8 Math 24 Competition today!  The clarkenkids took the Top 4 spots with Kaylani winning the competition followed by Mark, Isaac, and Roel.  PW Finals next Wednesday!  GOOD LUCK!

Shakespeare Kids are Typing Online!

Typing (link here) has been completely updated with 5 new lessons and a TEST at the end!  The test will be a timed version of the same text from Lesson 1!  So REALLY practice Lesson 1 to get a good score on the test! 

Also, we have added a Shakespeare Page as a resource for our Taming of the Shrew summer group!  We have an interactive map and the full text of the “Lamb Version” of the story!  Check in for updates to that page!  For now, visit the page or Click the Links!